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XenServer Network instalaltion failing with "unable to access repository"

Ken Z


Hi everyone


anyone managed to get a XenServer installation onto a HP ProLiant server using PXE/TFTP boot and HTTP source location?

I've got the TFTP boot working as per https://docs.xenserver.com/en-us/citrix-hypervisor/install/network-boot.html

I've also got an answer file configured on a HTTP server which is being read successfully after the TFTP Boot (UEFI Booting with grub.cfg file), but when it comes to the source  location on the same HTTP server, I get an error message "Unable to access repository (url," (NOTE the web server is running on


If I remove the answerfile entry from grub.cfg so that it becomes a manual installation, and I specify the source location manually as it comes back with "A base installation repository was not found at that location".

If it point my browser at is successfully lists the contents of the ISO I copied across (even the .treeinfo file)


My lab is a very simple, flat network on a address range

Any pointers to where I might be going wrong gratefully received.




Ken Z


As an aside, anyone know how to get the installer to auto-run once the TFTP boot has occurred? it stops on the grub menu waiting for the user to press Enter


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