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Teams 2.0 - struggling to answer calls



I have the 'New Teams' client installed - latest version and with all the necessary reg keys in place, latest FSlogix etc installed.  In general it works OK, the app is retained between sessions and the HDX Optimization connects OK - but I have a fairly consistent issue in that if someone calls me, the audio doesn't work.  If I call them back a few seconds later, everything works just fine.  Not so bad when it's just a colleague but less good with a customer.


Anyone else seeing this and got any suggestions for resolving it?  It is very frustrating, it's like going back to the dark days of 2020 when the older version of Teams was fairly new and struggling with VDI.


Latest Teams, VDA 2311 and Workspace 2311.  It's the same from my home PC and on my office thin client (which uses Linux and obviously Linux workspace), so I think it's more a Teams or VDA issue than the endpoint.  Same endpoints worked OK with the older Teams, it was pretty solid actually.

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I think I found the answer to this.  I mostly work on my PC at home using Citrix, but the laptop is usually running beside.   Both devices are connected to the same bluetooth headset.  I noticed that if I disconnect the headset from the laptop (or just turned it off or closed Teams) then answering calls seems OK on the Citrix session.


So, probably just a quirk of unusual circumstances rather than an inherent fault somewhere.  I'll keep an eye on it, but it's been OK in recent days.

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