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Changing management network to new network bond


I currently have a A/P bond 0+1 using eth0+1 which is used for the management network in the resource pool . I have created a new A/P bonded network and want to change existing management network to use this new bond (Nics in the new bond are configured identically as the existing management network interfaces on the switch and will be in same VLAN and subnet and i am not changing the IP addresses). I have set it up in my lab and tried changing the primary management interface via xsconsole and via Xenceter to the new bond and everything works fine on my pool master the new bond "Mgmt network" is used as the network for the management network but this hasnt propergated to the rest of the hosts in the resource Pool. Is this expected behaviour ?

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Managed to sort it i was changing the Bond for the managment network on the Pool master host instead of actually on the Pool itself. Once i clicked on the Pool in xencenter and went into Networking > Configure i was able to select the new bond for the management network and this propergated to all the other hosts in the resource pool and they are now all using the new Bond

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