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PVS MTU value




I'm looking in making some optimizations regarding our current PVS deployment. I was always a bit in doubt about changing or not the MTU value.


When I do the ping with the default value (1506) I notice that exist fragmentation. If I ping it with 1472 there's no fragmentation. 


Is changing this value something that is worth a while? It will be noticeable that something is improved by changing this ?


@Kelan RoweI know that you've addressed this topic in the past.


Best regards,

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If your network is using the standard MTU size then you should not change the default MTU in PVS - the only reason to change is if you have some component in the path that reduces the max available size. 


The way MTU is configured in PVS is a bit odd as well -- the value you specify is actually the "traditional" Ethernet MTU + 6 - hence 1506 really means 1500 MTU.


When using ping, the buffer size you specify is the amount of data to include -- you have to add the IP/UDP header sizes (28) to that to get the actual transmission unit size - so for a 1500 MTU, you would specify a ping buffer size of 1472.


Confusing isn't it!


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