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Unable to Import VHD via XenCenter/XenServer 8.2 CU1

Kendrick Gray


After upgrading our entire company to 8.2 CU1, I immediately needed to import a VHD to recover a server.  No matter what we do we get "Unable to write data to the transport connection. An Existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host." about 40 seconds after starting the import.  I have tried 10 different VHD's and even a different computer with an older version of XenCenter 8.2 on it and the same results.  This is incredibly nerv racking since we have our whole data recovery plan based around this function that has stopped working. Case #82425525 

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There is a current issue where only Dynamic VHD files can be imported via XenCenter, fixed VHD files fail with this transport error.  There is a bug filed to resolve this.  If you can create dynamic VHD files instead of the fixed  type ones then this might help you work around the issue in the mean time.

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