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Error upgrading storefront

Dennis Haschke

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i have installed storefront 2203.0.3000.14 on 2 Windows server 2022 in a server group.
If i try to upgrade to version 2308 i get an msi error 1603.
After that i try to deinstall storefront 2203 on one server and installed 2308. That works fine. After that i try to add it to the servergruop. But this is not possible because of version incompatibility.
I try this:
But i get the same error because of version incompatibility.
Is it possible to export/import my storefront settings to different storefront versions?
Any idea how i can upgrade my storefront enviroment?
With V. 2311 the same......


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Did the following......
* Uninstall SF on server 1
* Install the newest CU on server 1
* Set the store manually
* Uninstall SF on server 2
* Install the newest CU on server 2
* Sync the settings.......

No plan why a direct upgrade doesn't works.
Support was involved but that was the solution from the support ?

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Thanks for the logs. If you go to the "Local Users and Groups" and look through the groups prefixed "Citrix":

1) Are there any groups where the description is blank?

2) Do any of the groups contain users that no longer exist? Open each group and check the list of members. If a group member has been deleted then it will show up as a SID (a long sequence of letters and numbers) rather than a name.


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As part of the upgrade the installer exports all the configuration then after installing the new version imports it back in. The issue occurs while importing the group information from the file. This could be caused by something like a missing group description. We couldn't see anything wrong in the data you attached. Did you run the script before or after you manually installed 2311?


We'll look at making this more robust in a future version of StoreFront.

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