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Looking for reboot schedules or policy to force reboot on VDI logoff

David Grams


Taking over a Citrix VDI environment from a user that is no longer with the company.

Trying to figure out where the settings are for the Delivery Groups that allow them to reboot after a logoff (which is not happening, I found out)

I'm in Citrix Studio and either editing Delivery Groups, or looking through the Policies to apply and cant find anything about logoff behaviors, or reboot schedules... etc..


As far as reboot schedules, documents I have found sayt o edit a delivery group and modify reboot settings there, but my menu has no 


Just can't seem to find a good document on setting up and/or editing the reboot behaviors on logoff.  Any ideas on where this is setup or how to edit?

Studio is version 2203.0.1100


Screenshot 2023-12-22 094539.png

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