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Citrix Sharefile API sf-api.com/sf/v3/Shares does not function as documented

Campbell Burgess


https://api.sharefile.com/docs/resource?name=Shares doscuments the POST data as:


    "ShareType":    "Send",
    "Title":    "Sample Send Share",
            "Id":    "FILE ID"
    "ExpirationDate":    "2023-12-18",
    "RequireLogin":    false,
    "RequireUserInfo":    false,
    "MaxDownloads":    -1,
    "UsesStreamIDs":    false


I get a server 400 (BAD REQUEST) .... or {"code":"BadRequest","message":{"lang":"en-US","value":"Invalid Share: provide either a type, parent, or item list"},"reason":"BadRequest"}

when I send that data.


What's up?

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Hi Campbell,


I just tested the request with the payload provided (replacing "FIlE ID" with an actual File ID) and it successfully returned a share ID as expected. Are you plugging in a valid File ID on this line? (Does the GUID start with "f"?)

"Id":    "FILE ID"


Here's a screenshot of my successful request:




If that doesn't help, I would suggest opening a support case and providing a screen capture of your exact request in Postman or a capture of the network traffic with HTTPS decryption using a proxy service like Fiddler. 

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