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XenServer VM Tools installs on private image, does not transfer over to PVS image

Brett Gellman1709155996


We are trying to upgrade our XenTools agent and drivers from 9.2.3 to 9.3.2.


We use PVS images in our environment. I take a merge base VHD and import it into XenCenter and am able to cleanly uninstall the 9.2.3 drivers/agent and successfully install the latest version of XenTools without error - everything shows up properly in Device Manager with the latest drivers, XenCenter shows I/O optimization, etc.


As soon as I take that private image and place it back into our PVS servers and boot to it, XenCenter reports ""Citrix VM Tools not installed" despite the latest version being installed. 


Additionally, Device Manager shows Other Devices -> SCSI Controller with Error Code 28: Device Driver Not Installed.


Really stumped since the above process worked fine for our last upgrade via a private image. Any ideas?


In the attached screenshot: Private image is on the right, PVS image is on the left 

XenServers error.jpg

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