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2022 session host start menu broke after next login 2203 ltsr cu4

Steven Johnson1709162132

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we have the same issue, but only with few users, not all of them. 

We tried your mentioned fix:


Add the key ResetCache with DWORD value of 1


and also delete this key at logoff:



Nothing helped. Also a restore of the user profile (pre CU4) did not resolve this issue.

We rolled back to CU3. All users with the issue (no restore) can use there start menu again.


Is there another solution / fix for that?

Regards and merry christmas


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We are having the same issue intermittently at login after upgrading to 2203 LTSR CU4 from CU3. We're on server 2019. We found that bouncing the users explorer.exe process resolves that occurrence, but it may happen again at a future login.

None of the fixes here have resolved this yet.

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