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Citrix Workspace - 1612

Jason MacDonell


Hi All:


I'm having difficulties. My company has an MDT image that pushes out an older Citrix Workspace app as a part of imaging. This version, 22.x, is a part of a base Win10 image we use to provision our endpoints and hasn't been updated with the latest workspace from Citrix.


I ran the CitrixFullWorkSpaceInstaller ( to update a recently imaged machine from 22.x This installation failed (1612 XENAPP WEB PLUGIN).


I've since tried to run /CLEANINSTALL, /FORCEINSTALL and it fails. I've tried to run the Citrix Receiver Cleanup utility in the PRogram Files(x86)Citrix directory and it completes.


Anyways, I'm completely stumped. I can't clean up, remove, or repair the installation.


I really need some help here. PS. We use the Workspace as a part of a subscription to a 3rd party provider. Their Citrix support is terrible. They barely know what the workspace is.


Anyways, just really looking to see if anyone has a doc on how to manually (and fully) remove all remnants of the Citrix workspace. Or, how to get more info about error 1612 XenAppWebPlugin. I can find almost nothing online about these errors.


The trolleey express logs show that the installationw as not successful XENAPP WEB PLUGIN ERROR 1612.


PS. If I wasn't clear, this was a unit freshly imaged, not in production. New image with the 22.x workspace client and then a straight run of the 23.9 full offline installer which bombed.


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