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Citrix profile manager not syncing saved windows credentials

Sandy Williams


I excluded myself (an admin) from Citrix  Profile Management for ages and was uing Windows roaming profile/Terminal services profile configured in WEM.  I just switched the config to include Admns in CPM and so I've gotten a new profile.  I map a drive using alternate credentials and I've notced since moving to CPM that the save credentials option doesn't work between sessions.  Tried googing but the only thing I've seen is that windows credentials are stored in a vault in AppData\Local which makes no sense since I wouldnt have been roamng that directory.  I'm thinking its stored in the registry and this isn't being included in CPM.  Does anyone have any insight?

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Spent the day doing a lot of testing. Interesting results.  


If I map a share and I map it using FQDN and tell it to use alternate credentials and save those credentials, it works initially but on the next session it wants to use the logged in users credentials and ignores the saved creds part.  If I map the same share without FQDN and everything else the same I don't have this issue.


I didn't notice this issue previously because all my mappings were using non-FQDN. I was forced to use FQDN because my Fslogix container was using non-FQDN to the same NAS. My workaround for now was changing my Fslogix container to use the FQDN to my NAS allowing me to use non-FQDN in my session drive mappings.


So this isn't related to terminal services profile vs Citrix UPM, it was that I started using an FSlogix container interfering with my mapping causing me to start mapping using FQDN.


Sounds like a NTLM vs Kerberos thing but not sure how this relates back to the windows credentialing vault.

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