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SQL query not showing expected output for users BVDI session and launch details

Sthitaprajna Rath1709161222


we are able to see the actual output details from citrix director however from monitoring database we are running below query bot its not providing the expected output result . can you please check if below query is correct which should show the actual output , 

query = SELECT MonitorData.[User].UserName, MonitorData.Session.StartDate,MonitorData.Session.EndDate, MonitorData.Connection.ClientName, MonitorData.Connection.ClientAddress, MonitorData.Machine.DnsName, MonitorData.Machine.IPAddress, MonitorData.Session.SessionKey from monitordata.Session join monitordata.[user] on monitordata.session.userid = monitordata.[user].Id join monitordata.machine on monitordata.session.MachineId = monitordata.machine.Id join monitordata.connection on monitordata.session.sessionkey = monitordata.connection.SessionKey where StartDate >=? ORDER BY StartDate DESC

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