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My Virtual desktops shutdown every night. Why?

Jean Ducasse1709152598


The virtual Desktops of one my Delivery groups shutdown every night. This happens whether a user is disconnected or logged of from his/her session. I do not have Auto Scale or Restart Schedule turned on. Some of my users are complaining because they lose unsaved documents. Users have to remember what app, website, document, email they had opened which is frustrating. This also add to log on time because users now have to wait for machine to start.
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Two things jump to mind - firstly there could be GPOs applied which do this.   If the GPOs are set via AD, then it won't show up in the Citrix consoles.   Check the registries of the machines and also the Event logs, it may give some clues in there why they are shutting down.


Also, where are the machines hosted?  If on AWS/Azure, they may be shutting down because of policies on the hosting side.

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