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Setup vGPU for ArcGIS Pro Remote App

Erika Wheat


I'm new to working with Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop. We would like our users to use ArcGIS Pro on a Windows Server 2019 via Citrix workspace app. We would like it to utilize the Nvidia A16 GPU card we have installed in our Citrix Hypervisor. 


We currently have an A16 card with licenses. When setting up in XenClient, I'm unsure what's the best option: 


NVIDIA A16-16Q virtual GPU (1per GPU, multiple vGPU support)
NVIDIA A16-16Q virtual GUP (1 per GPU)

NVIDIA A16-8Q virtual GPU (2 per GUP, multiple vGPU support)

NVIDIA A16-8Q virtual GPU (2 per GPU)


I'm unsure what the "multiple vGPU support" means. Thanks for any assistance or advice. 

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3 minutes ago, Jeff Riechers1709152667 said:

Multiple vGPUs are often see with high computational fields.  So anything that can offload to the Cuda cores on the nvidia engine.


If they vgpu is just being used for graphics rendering, then a single vGPU is what you are looking to use.

Thank you. Appreciate this response!

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