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Upgrade to Workspace causing graphics artifacts on applications launcher.

Ross Burdick


We recently upgraded our environments workstations to Workspace After doing so, a subset of users was reporting issues where the apps launcherwas displaying black lines around the edges and occasional black lines through the list (have attached an example as well as the normal appearance).  After troubleshooting scaling issues first, as well as graphics drivers, it was discovered that the workstations in question were all running discrete Nvidia mobile graphics (MX150 and MX250).  My support team tried combinations of different NVidia driver versions with the same results regardless of graphics driver version.  We then rolled back a workstation to, after doing this, everything displayed as expected and normally again.  Rolling back subsequent workstations also fixed the issue on other reporters.  Any thoughts on this or is this an incompatibility with Nvidia's drivers on the most recent version of workspace?

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I had a similar issue with another customer and updating NVIDIA Drivers for  GeForce  MX250 resolved the issue. They released a new driver yesterday (10-26-2023)


GeForce Game Ready Driver


Version:545.92  WHQL

Release Date:2023.10.26

Operating System:Windows 10 64-bit, Windows 11

Language:English (US)

File Size:669.11 MB

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