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MAC OS Sonoma - no printer redirection for local printers



Found out the hard way that Apple has changed the way they handle printer redirection (they dropped support for postscript drivers) so when printing in Citrix, a Mac user (with Sonoma) can't see their local printer. I've read a lot about this. It also breaks MS RDC as well. Only Apple could get away with that. Seems to me they break all third party software on a regular basis. But I digress...


My workaround, so far, has been to add each user's local printer to the xenapp server. That way it's listed for the mac users to select when printing. Obviously, each of those printers has to be setup as an IP printer and not USB.


Hopefully Apple, Citrix or Microsoft come up with a fix.


I'm using Citrix Workspace 2309 for Mac

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So, I updated my Intel based Macbook Air to Sonoma, setup my local printer with Air print and it successfully connected and printed from my Citrix Session.  It auto connected with the Citrix PDF Printer Driver.


I have an M2 based Mac coming for me to test it with this.


Do you have the Citrix PDF Universal Printer driver installed on your XenApp image?

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On 10/25/2023 at 12:56 PM, Carl Stalhood1709151912 said:

I'm guessing this means there will be no fix for LTSR 1912.  The point of LTSR is so that we can continue being supported until EOL. Sigh...  Not exactly sure how to proceed since the legacy app being used isn't supported in the Windows version required for 2203.


I'm surprise this isn't an issue for more people.

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Well that is more an OS issue, as it requires a PDF print driver, and there isn't much development for drivers for out of support Operating Systems.


You may have to get the print to PDF printer setup on your hosts and change the workflow if you are upgrading the endpoints, but not the host Operating System.

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