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Seamless app sessions not visible when using Workspace app for Mac version 2308 or later

Martin Witkosky


We host legacy versions of our software on a XenApp 6.5 farm.  Our end users are outside our company, so we aren't able to control what version of Citrix Workspace app they use.   When using Workspace app 2307 for Mac or earlier, there are no issues.  Starting with version 2308, seamless app sessions launch, but are not visible.  If I click "Show All Windows" from the Citrix Viewer context menu, I can see there are invisible windows that become highlighted in blue when moving the mouse cursor over them.  I have a tested with a published desktop in the same farm, and it works just fine.  Only seamless app sessions are experiencing this behavior.  The issue persists with Workspace app 2309 for Mac.  For now, we're asking our end users to roll back to Workspace app 2307 and to disable automatic updating of the Citrix software.  The release notes for version 2308 mention performance improvements for the graphics in seamless sessions.  Could it be that the new improvements broke some compatibility with older Citrix XenApp versions?  Testing with the latest version of Workspace app on Windows or Linux works normally as well.  This is only impacting our Mac end users.

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We are also in the same situation still using XenApp 7.9. We have a few Macs in our environment running macOS 13 and newly released macOS 14. I also noticed Workspace for Mac versions 2308 and 2309 have the issue with apps running as seamless windows not showing at all. XenApp Desktop is unaffected.


I was glad to find this post and have currently rolled back to Workspace 2307 on our Macs to restore app functionality. I also noticed Macs running macOS 14 with wireless (AirPrint) printers do not seem to map into Workspace apps at all with 2307, or 2308/2309.


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Follow up to my original message.  A new technology preview for macOS Workspace app 2311 was just released today, and after upgrading to it the issue appears to be resolved when testing from a Mac I have.  Re-tried using 2309 first just to double-check, and as expected no apps visible, but then after updating to the 2311 beta version seamless apps are visible again.  Release notes didn't mention anything about seamless apps, but it'll certainly make a bunch of our end users happy again.

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