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DaaS - Connection Timeouts (Socket Error 10057)

Robert Reeves


I have about 140-150 daily users around the world that use Citrix Workspace to connect back to our onsite Citrix catalogs. Each day around 10-14 users will show Connection Timeouts in the cloud portal. I feel like maybe 8 of those people are repeat offenders, and a few new faces each day randomly.


If the user waits, usually they will see...


Unable to connect to the server. Contact your system administrator with the following error: Socket not connected (Socket Error 10057)


most of the time, if they try again to launch from Workspace or the webpage, it will let them into their Citrix machine. Most users are now getting to the point where they just close the screen and try again if it takes too long.


However there are a few times where even subsequent tries, do not work. Then I have to either push a Citrix Reset thru our RMM tool, or run a script from our RMM tool to uninstall Citrix and then reinstall.


We initially thought this was a problem with the CU version of workspace, so we backed everyone back down to LTSR, but that doesn't seem to lower the failures. We did recently change out our firewall, but I am pretty sure all rules got put back in. We also recently went up on the VDA version to 2203.0.3000.3300, as well as bringing the FSLogix version up to 2.9.8612.60056. Which we did that because we had people with old OST files in Outlook that had to keep being deleted, that issue seems to now have gone away.


I did find this article, which feels like what is happening. But we dont have an onsite Storefront server. So I am not sure how I would do this, or if I even can, All we have onsite is the Citrix servers, the FAS servers, and the Citrix Cloud Connector servers.


Users launch VDAs failed: " Socket is not connected(socket error: 10057)" (citrix.com)


Any help is greatly appreciated. We have reached out to Citrix support for like 3 weeks now and are getting now where fast.

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Out of curiosity, have you tried a basic reboot of the Cloud Connectors? I've seen similar things resolved with a kick


Secondly, are you routing via the CC to get to the sessions, or using rendezvous protocol which will take a different path


Lastly, there isn't anything like zScaler in the mix is there?

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Posted (edited)

After many many sleepless nights, this is something to do with our network printers. 

1) It doesnt seem to happen to everyone, and not all the time

2) the timeouts only seem to happen to users who immediately launch a Citrix desktop upon logging in

3) If I remove all their network printers on their laptops, it doesnt seem to happen, they can log immediately in.

4) It seems to happen to WFH users


So I guess my users have to pick between having the mapped printers for the days when they are in the office and want to print, or they have to wait 3-4 minutes after logging into their desktop to launch Citrix or deal with the error. 

Any thoughts?

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