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Second, external store isn't prompted for username and password. SSO credentials are used instead.



We recently upgraded Workspace for Windows from 1912.5000 LTSR to the latest 22.03.3000, LTSR. Prior to the upgrade if a user added a second, external store (our main store uses SSO), they were prompted for their username and password.


After the upgrade, when a user adds a second external store, it will just time out. I looked at the authentication logs on the external stores NetScaler, and Workspace is using the SSO credentials of the main, internal store. Previous versions of Workspace, the user would be prompted to enter the second stores credentials. 


The external store is a separate site, not linked to the internal store in any way.


I installed Workspace using the variables below and I was able to add the external store with the proper credentials on first launch. But after a reboot, again it tried to authenticate using the SSO credentials, instead for being prompted for a username and password.


CitrixWorkspaceApp2203-CU3.exe" STORE0="AppStore;https://myapps.external.com#MyStore;On;App Store" /EnableCEIP=False /includeSSON /silent /noreboot /forceinstall /ALLOWADDSTORE=S /AutoUpdateCheck=disabled


Does anyone know of a work around?




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