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Citrix Licensing Consumption

Konstantinos Efthymiadi


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There are two types of Citrix user licenses available... concurrent and user/device


With concurrent licenses, this is the number of unique users logged into the Citrix Farm, irrespective of how many sessions they are running across the different servers in the farm. As soon as the user logs off the last server in the farm, their license is returned for someone else to use. Concurrent licenses are significantly more expensive than the corresponding user/device licenses.


With user/device licensing, the first time a user logs in, they are assigned a license, and that license will stay with them even when they log off. If they them don't log back in within 90 days, then the license is returned to the Citrix license server for allocation to another account. Similar to the way RDSCALs work.


There are pros and cons for each type of license


Here's a screenshot of my test lab that has both concurrent and user/device licenses available (but I selected concurrent)




Other than that, what Jeff said...




Ken Z

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