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FEATURE ENHANCEMENT: Don't Query Machines in Maintenance Mode when Adding Applications

Christopher Luton


When adding a new application, the option to choose the app from the start menu is preferred as it automatically adds the path and icon.  However, when new applications are added to our master (MCS), we will turn up a new machine so it gets the latest image then put existing machines with active sessions in maintenance mode.  Unfortunately, when adding the new application using the 'add from start menu...' option it will query the machines that are in maintenance mode and of course these machines do not yet have the application.  Ideally, we would like to see Citrix only query machines that are NOT in maintenance mode with the idea that it would have visibility to the new applications we've recently added to our master.

If there's a better way to achieve this same goal please let me know.  I suspect there may be situations I haven't considered here as well where this change could negatively impact someone.

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