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Citrix Hypervisor Performance Graph - vCPUs partial run

Matthias Frei


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Hello Matt,


Yes, vCPUs partial run is a performance metric that measures the fraction of time that some vCPUs are running, and some are blocked. 

This can happen when the VM is not fully utilizing all of its vCPUs, or when the hypervisor is over-provisioning vCPUs.

A high value for vCPUs partial run can indicate that the VM is not getting enough CPU resources, or that the hypervisor is over-provisioning vCPUs.

If the VM is not getting enough CPU resources, it may experience performance problems.

If the hypervisor is over-provisioning vCPUs, it may lead to resource contention and performance problems for other VMs.

It is important to note that vCPUs partial run is just one metric of VM performance, you should also consider other metrics, such as CPU utilization, memory utilization, and I/O wait, to get a complete picture of the VM's performance.


Please let us know if you need more information on the  same.






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