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GPMC crashing after installing DaaS Remote PowerShell SDK

Maik Ludwig



We are currently testing the possibilities with Citrix DaaS. So far we are running OnPremise.

Now we would like to customize the group policies via GPMC.
It is a freshly installed Windows Server 2022 and we proceeded as described here: https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX238166/how-to-manage-citrix-gpos-outside-of-the-ddc-using-ms-gpmc

After we open the Citrix Policies, the window stays empty for a while and at some point the MMC.exe crashes. But only after we installed the DaaS Remote PowerShell SDK. Without this everything works fine.

If I start a cloud connection via PowerShell, the cloud login window also comes up and I can access everything.

Has anyone had a similar problem?




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