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xdping : None of KDC servers in default realm ([]) is found in kdc





I am tring to create working Redhat 9.1 VDA and MCS.

I ran the xdping tool after preparing the template to make a catalogue. The template was joined in the domain.


I get this error :



 KDC found by nslookup: [None]
      Verify default realm master KDC configured                         [Pass]
      Verify KDC hostname valid                                         [ERROR]
      None of KDC servers in default realm ([]) is found in kdc
      setting. Please check that KDC servers are correct in krb5.conf.

      Verify default realm slave KDC configured                          [Pass]
      Verify Kerberos weak crypto disabled                               [Pass]
      Verify Kerberos clock skew setting                                 [Pass]

default_realm = MYDOMAIN.VDA.COM
    dns_lookup_kdc = true
udp_preference_limit = 0

#     kdc = kerberos.example.com
#     admin_server = kerberos.example.com
# }

     kdc = dc01.mydomain.vda.com
     kdc = dc02.mydomain.vda.com

 mydomain.vda.com = MYDOMAIN.VDA.COM
 .mydomain.vda.com = MYDOMAIN.VDA.COM

All KDC tests are successull except the one about KDC hostname.





I can query all SRV records from the template.   can reach all KDC from the template. I have a kerberos ticket. All seems to work but I get this error.


If a try to create a catalogue, new machines are created in the domain but VDA will not registered.


Thnaks for your help-




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