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RDS + Multiple versions of same application

Sam Clift


HI all,


Hopefully this is an easy question.


I do not use app layering, but I manage a CVAD 1912 environment which I want to try and reserve one base image which I have a whole load of pre-installed applications and provision via PVS and is RDS. One of the applications, depending on the country the user lives in,  logs in needs a different version of an application which is installed in the same location (lets say it is %PROGRAMFILES%\CorporateApp)


Can App layering allow two users, one from Country A and one from Country B to exist on the same VM but still access their different respective applications? or would I need to separate out the users for this one application?


Thanks heaps


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Hi Sam,

If the application were able to be used elastically which means the app is attached at logon of the user then yes app layering would help with this but switching to app layering for that is probably not worth the effort and total change to your processes,  


If you can install one of the apps into a different folder you could just use Citrix CPM or FSLogix App Masking to control which app each user sees based on AD group membership




Good Luck,




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