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Is ShareFile API completely down? It has not been working for any clients for the last three days.

Stephen Schneider


Is single sign on for ShareFile down for everyone else as well? I reached out to ShareFile technicians and they said that they "are working on this issue and discussing it with the OKTA side also as this issue is from their side." I'm curious if anyone else is having this issue.


For context, we use MiniOrange for our single sign on application and I had reached out to them already. They assured me that the issue is not on their side but on ShareFile's after running some tests. When a client goes to access ShareFile (slsny.sharefile.com) after signing into slsny.pharmaregs.com, they are met with an error saying "Invalid request", rather than the usual function of being signed in automatically. We have changed nothing on our side and all of the sudden this has stopped working for all of our clients, many of which don't have ShareFile passwords and cannot access their documents. This is an urgent issue for us and it has been days of me reaching out for support and our clients not being able to log in. Is anyone else having this issue? Is it worth waiting longer to see if this resolves itself or is there anything I can do to fix this myself?


Your answers are greatly appreciated!

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Hi Kevin,

Thank you for your response!

"Upon review of this case, the details outlined (especially the timing) indicate you're seeing an issue we are aware of that was caused by an update to the infrastructure servicing our web application. The rollout of this update was first performed starting at 7 AM on the 27th and due to a blocking issue discovered we ended up rolling back everything by noon the same day. We then started again on the 31st and completed the rollout same day. 

Since then we've received a few reports of SP-initiated SAML authentication resulting in an "Invalid request" error as seen below. This is something we are actively investigating and will release a code fix for ASAP. In the meantime, users should be able to work around this by simply clicking the "sign in" button on the left hand side, as they should already be an in authenticated browser session at that point and it will pass them through. "


Many of our clients do not have ShareFile passwords, too many to count, and rely on the SAML. We will continue to wait for the fix for this. Thanks again!

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Hi Stephen,


I already sent an email out through your support case but for visibility I wanted to update this thread as well. As of Friday the 4th we released an update that should resolve the concern with  SP-initiated SAML authentication that we were previously observing. No further action needs to be taken by end users or administrators. 


Thank you very much for reporting this concern and thank you for you patience while we worked on a solution. 

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