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Storefrant 2203 CU3 replication fails

Andreas Koch

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Hi Team,


i got 2 new server 2019 incl 2023-07 up and running.

No antivirus in place yet.

Installed storefront on both servers.

Applied an internal wildcard cert for iis.

Configured the first storefront and checked functionality.

Went to my second storefront and added to existing group.

Giving the name and token of my first server.

Secondary node say's finished successful.

Primary gives an error with unsuccessful sync.


So what i did:

Double-checked DNS / DHCP and reverse Lookup zones

Disabled ip v6

Reading nearly every article advised by anty GOOGLE!


As this is my first storefront install for this year and also my LAB installation throws the same error, I'm asking my self ift this could be related to the latest protocol modifications by Microsoft.


Any ideas welcome.

THX Andreas

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Finally i got a synced store, but...


I did a backup of my config from node1

Restore on node2

reseted node2 to unconfigured (the trick is, all certs keep in place)

replicated from node1 to node 2 (same failed -node1-, success  -node2-  as before)

resynced once again and both sides are ok

when adding a new store, the first sync fails...

... but the 2nd succeeds.


citrix case 82136020 if someone needs a reference 

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