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Blank 3rd Screen issues with ICA sessions

Peter Duran


Has anyone seen an issue where an endpoint with three (3) or more panels connects to a Citrix ICA session, and the right most panel does not render the desktop properly, but instead displays a blank white screen?

We have been seeing this kind of problem on and off for several months now.   Originally it was suspected that it was our Linux based thin clients (we use IGEL), but after a while, we learned that a user at home had observed the problem from a Windows 10 workstation running Citrix Workspace App v 23.02, and using three (3) 1080p panels.  

We were  even able to replicate the issue on an Ubuntu 20.04 machine with three panels, using CWAL 23.02, so that ruled out the IGEL thin clients. 

We have an open case with Citrix Support, but I wanted to post this here to see if anyone might have observed a similar issue.   

This doesn't happen consistently, but it does with enough frequency that we have been able to replicate the issue from time to time.  Unfortunately it happens with enough frequency that we have users complaining about it too.   The quick temporary fix is to disconnect the ICA session and relaunch it, and then the 3rd, or right most, panel will render the desktop correctly. 

This does not seem to affect any 2 panel users, only 3 or more panel users.

It does not matter which graphics cards are used, as we have observed this problem with Intel, NVIDIA,  and AMD GPUs 



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