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Linux Workspace App shows "bad access" error message

Bernd Herzog




have an issue with the Linux:


Linux Workspace App on ELUX shows a "the x-request '130.1' causes the error: '10: BadAccess (attempt to access private resource denied')" message.
'default.ica' in Storefront contains a ScreenPercent=100 line to show a Citrix window desktop (not full screen).

On windows clients everything works as expected.


Maybe anybody has the same error message?

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Still in discussion with Citrix support.


It looks like the workspace app sporadically cannot get the correct screen size from the Linux OS. Or internally calculates the size wrong.
Sometimes we cannot use the desktop because no UI is clickable. It could be a mismatch between display content and mouse position. By resizing the window both seem to be synchronised and it works.


As it happens only in the newer versions of the workspace app there must be a change in that part of the workspace app source code, in my opinion.
Citrix support think it’s a matter of the configuration.


Let's see.

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On 1/2/2024 at 2:54 PM, Bernd Herzog said:

fyi bug in Linux Workspace app.

...We also have seen this message recently with CWA 2311 on our Dell Thin Clients (randomly, not consistent). Do you have more information about this, is it an older topic, and it should work in general, or still a problem and they work on a fix?

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