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PVS 1912 - An unexpected MAPI error occurred trying to log in

Stephen D. Holder


Greetings all,


I was brought on as a part-time consultant for a service provider that just took over a client with Citrix - 1912 LTSR flat (no CUs that I can tell.)

Trying to get into the PVS console and I’m getting this error exactly –


Error : "An unexpected MAPI error occurred"

Details: Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection.

Parameter name: index


They have two PVS servers, and this error occurs on both servers, logging in as localhost and respective IPs.

There is a Citrix a KB located here.


The service provider has domain admins accounts but gets the above error when trying to log into the PVS console. I can’t remember if domain admins accounts are automatically added to the PVS authorized user list – so I kept searching and discovered what appeared to be a service account – but of course being new to this client the service provider doesn’t have the password.  I asked if they could see if they could find it in lieu of resetting it – because we don’t know what else it could be tied to.


In the meantime, looking at the error, it looks as if there is some sort of domain trust issue and I am not sure of their configuration nor do I want to mess anything up.  The KB has some good steps to try so, I ran through them with my initial thoughts on the solutions below --

Solution 1) Possible but I don’t really want to crack the registry open unless necessary (which this case may warrant it.)

Solution 2) Sounds good, but I can’t get into the PVS console to complete step 3.

Solution 3) Overall, this client seems small so I’m not sure what this would do or how it would work.

Solution 4) This is currently where I’m leaning, but I’d still need the service/SQL password to re-establish a connection to the PVS SQL database, no? Also re-running the config doesn’t drop all PVS targets right? (they have two PVS servers and about 20 target devices.)

Solution 5) In addition to getting the (supposed) service account password, this is what I asked the service provider to do for the next time we meet. I was thinking is there a PS script or command I can run against the PVS server and see what groups are in the admin/login group since I can’t get to it from the PVS console itself?

Anyway, wanted to get ahead of the game and see if anyone has come across the ‘unexpected MAPI error’ with a specific solution that works from the KB or any other. I should also state, should anything have to happen, it’ll be after hours in a dedicated downtime window, with backups and snapshots performed and confirmed the night before – service provider is very nervous about anything going south with their new client.


Thanks in advance.


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@Jeff Riechers1709152667, thanks for your response.

Your link mirrors the link I came across while doing my own research above. Yours has a bit more info on the values, so looks like the registry might be the immediate solution.

Question, do you know off hand if 1912 CU7 (latest CU that I can find as of this writing in the 1912 family) touches the PVS database? I have a sneaky feeling it does.

In addition to server and DB backups full backups, and day of snapshots, I’m trying to build my backout/revert plan in case things go south.



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