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Workspace won't connect after version update


We have 650 clients, all with Citrix Workspace. In the past we used Citrix receiver and after i upgraded the whole environment to 1912 LTSR and replaced Citrix receiver with that same version, without any problems.



2x Storefront

2x Delivery Controller

2x F5 Load Balancer


Now i'm at the point to upgrade Citrix receiver to version 2203 LTSR. The problem is that when i upgrade the Workspace on for example 10 cliënts, there is one client that has problems connecting to the store. Error message: Cannot connect to the server, check your network connection and try again.

When i right-click the taskbar icon and choose to logon, it shows the error message "Cannot connect with the account <store description> due to an error with the server certificate".

When i try to load the config file i exported from the Storefront on the client it shows the error "Cannot process configuration files. Cannot validate SSL-certificate".


What certificate is this message refering to? I checked all the server certificates and they are correct and valid.


Sometimes i can fix it to role back to Workspace version 1912 LTSR, but sometimes that gives me the same problems.

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