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How to filter/restrict the resouces from different zone in Citrix Cloud from enumeration when we login via specific Citrix ADC URL?

Hemadri Janardhanam


Citrix Cloud Resources from both the zones are visible when we login via Citrix ADC URL. we were not able to restrict one the zone resource from the enumeration process.

-- users who have access to both the delivery groups resources(different zones) should only see one delivery group resources when they login through specific NS url.
--Like user in DE region when they login through the DE NS url. they should only DE resources of DE delivery group created on citrix cloud, even though they have access to APAC DG.

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In Citrix Cloud, you can use the "SmartAccess" feature to filter or restrict resources based on the user's location or other criteria when accessing resources through a specific Citrix ADC URL. SmartAccess is part of Citrix Gateway (formerly NetScaler Gateway) and allows you to control resource access based on factors such as the user's location, device type, client version, and more.

To achieve this, follow these general steps:

Configure Citrix ADC: Set up Citrix ADC (NetScaler) with SmartAccess enabled. Ensure that Citrix ADC is integrated with Citrix Cloud.

Create Zones: Define different zones in Citrix Cloud based on locations or any other relevant criteria you want to use for resource filtering.

Assign Resources to Zones: Assign the resources (applications, desktops, etc.) to the appropriate zones in Citrix Cloud.

Configure SmartAccess Policies: Create SmartAccess policies on Citrix ADC to control resource access based on the user's zone or other criteria. These policies will determine which resources are visible or available to users coming from specific Citrix ADC URLs.

Bind Policies to Citrix ADC vServer: Bind the SmartAccess policies to the Citrix ADC virtual server that corresponds to the specific URL you want to apply resource filtering to.

Test and Monitor: Test the configuration thoroughly to ensure that resources are correctly filtered or restricted based on the user's zone when accessing via the designated Citrix ADC URL. Monitor the behavior and make adjustments if needed.

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