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Anyone automate the Site backup?

Erik McCloud


We're prepping to move our infrastructure to the Cloud, and we were looking at backups. Running the Auto-Confg tool, making a Site backup is pretty easy. However, we'd like to automate this task and maybe make it a scheduled task running once a week.


Have anyone figured out how to run this type of backup automatically? Only way I've been able to successfully run a backup is in the Auto-Config shell. Can't execute the Backup-CvadAcToFile through the API or anywhere else but the Auto-Config shell.

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If you haven't figured this out yet, I was just able to get it to work by running the following command.


powershell.exe -command ". 'C:\Program Files\Citrix\AutoConfig\Citrix.AutoConfig\Citrix.AutoConfig.Commands.ps1'; Backup-CvadAcToFile; exit"


I just stuck that in a bat file and then called it from task scheduler and it seems to be working.  

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