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[BrokerAgentAoTracing] [Error] Get ComputerSID Failed: System.NullReferenceException





VDA 2305 and Redhat 8.4.

Machines are successfully created with MCS but ehey do not registered to DDc.


I get this error :


[BrokerAgentAoTracing] [Error] Get ComputerSID Failed: System.NullReferenceException


Thanks for you help ?




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It is say :

If LVDA cannot find a Computer Object in AD with dnsHostName equal to the hostname value found for then it will and fail to find Computer SID of the LVDA and registration will fail with "Get ComputerSID Failed" error. 


So it could be ab ldap issue ?


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[2023/07/12 15:52:21.8463272] [BrokerAgent] [Error] Cannot assign requested address /var/xdl/.ldapserver
[2023/07/13 10:07:47.7225724] [BrokerAgent] [Error] Connection refused /var/xdl/.ldapserver
[2023/07/13 11:06:50.6578392] [BrokerAgent] [Error] Connection refused /var/xdl/.ldapserver
[2023/07/13 14:21:10.1988372] [BrokerAgent] [Error] Connection refused /var/xdl/.ldapserver

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