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Power Failure on Hypervisor 8.2 leaves VM disk as attached to "Control domain on host ####"

John Paitaki


Hi All,


I have a Citrix express hypervisor 8.2 host that went down hard with a power failure followed by a generator failure.


The Host is not in a pool, and was operating as a stand alone host under XenCenter for managment. Disk space is not an issue either on the host or data store.


The VM Concerned consists of a system disk in location 0 of 300GB, two 1.9TB Dynamic disks that are spanned within the OS (Windows Server 2022) as a single 3.8TB Data Disk.


On electrical power recovery, the host was booted and appeared in XenCenter as normal, however, the guest could not be started. Initial research indicated to detach the ISO/CD-Rom (indicated as empty). An ISO Was mounted and removed which lead to a subsequent error in the VM Starting up of


I have been researching this for almost four days and have tried several suggestions without success including:


1) https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX207574/error-virtual-disk-is-owned-by-control-domain-in-xenserver

        When getting to the point in the above where the vbd's are listed. the list is empty.


2) Rebooting the host and Powering the host down for 30 mins and rebooting.

       Did not produce any change


3) Detached the System Disk from the VM, Created a recovery VM, attached the System DIsk which boots fine.


4) Attempted the same as (3) above, but with the two Data disks, however the second of the two data disks indicates it is attached to "Control domain on host ####" (Image attached)image.thumb.png.3a4f81a38011a3e594256b5114318958.png



I would be most grateful for any assistance. Google has no more results for me to go through and I am hesitant to go Rambo on the host for fear of loosing the data.


I have also attempted to copy and/or Export the VM without success.


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