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Secondary ringer and HID support

Jonathan Splatt


Does anybody know when secondary ringer or HID support will be available for Teams?


I note that the secondary ringer apparently requires a future update from Microsoft but cannot find any information when or even if Microsoft are going to add this for Citrix and it is not there in version

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I note that there are further references to the secondary ringer feature in the release notes for Workspace 2307 but i can't find any information on if/when this will be supported from Microsoft side. The referenced Citrix article CTX253754 (https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX253754/troubleshooting-hdx-optimization-for-microsoft-teams) hasn't had any updates since April.


Is anyone from Citrix able to provide further insight on this?




Earlier, with the secondary ringtone feature enabled, short tones such as beeps or notifications were playing repeatedly. For example, the tone that was played when a guest joins the Microsoft Teams meeting was repeated. The only workaround was to quit and restart Microsoft Teams. This issue resulted in a poor end-user experience.

With this release, Citrix Workspace app supports playing the short tones as desired. This support also enables the secondary ringtone feature.


Update to the latest version of Microsoft Teams.


The preceding feature is available only after the roll-out of a corresponding update from Microsoft Teams. Check the documentation update and the announcement in CTX253754.



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