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Win2022+PVS1912+HV8.2 - New Server build loses citrix tools within PVS

Joshua Lindemann


We are currently running our environment with;

Win2012 VM's

PVS 1912 LTSR CU3 (7.24.3.

Citrix Virtual Apps\Desktops 7 1912 LTSR CU3

hypervisor 8.2


We need to upgrade all servers from Win2012 to Win2022.  We've done that to all servers within our Citrix environment except for the provisioned servers. Had some issues with doing a reverse image and decided let's create a new/clean image. 


I created a new Win2022 server image, installed the  Citrix VM tools, ran the Citrix Optimizer Tool and the installed the Citrix Target Device. At this point the Citrix tools are available from XenCenter and the properties show I/O optimized and Management Agent installed.

I run the Citrix Imaging Wizard - shut down - modify the boot sequence - turn on and the image is pulled into PVS.

I boot this server from the new PVS image - I still have Citrix Tools at this point.

LIke all my master devices I place the device into maintenance - and then version the newly created vdisk into a new maintenance version to install software/update.


It appears at this point that I loose access to my VM tools.  I'm left with Force Reboot / Force Shutdown and the server properties show I/O Not Optimized and Management Agent not installed.

I attempt to assign install a few things within my maintenance - promote the VM version to be current - but still no tools.  I even went to one of the current PVS servers and swapped the current image for this new image and though it boots, it still has no VM tools.


Adminitately it's been a while since I've had to run through this process, but can't think of what I'm missing.

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