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Windows Desktop Screen Lock

Thomas Bohn


Hi there,


we are having an issue with our current setup and are searching for a way to mitigate it.


Our IT landscape consists of:

HP ThinClients with ThinPro 8 (not part of the domain, no user login, boot to desktop)

Application on ThinPro is citrix-workspace-app_v23.2.0.10hp1

Citrix Gateway Version: 

Workspace App on Citrix Desktop: 22.3.3000.3116 



Scenario Steps:

1  Users starts workspace app and provides the neccessary credentials

2  Citrix Storefront app opens and displays a users virtual PCs (Desktops)

3  user starts session of a virtual pc by clicking on the corresponding icon

4  Windows desktop loads

5  user locks their desktop (KeyCombination Windows + L)

6  user can use toolbar on the top edge of the screen to click on home

7  user is back at the storefront app on ThinPro desktop

8  user can select the same session that was previously locked by selecting the same virtual pc again, the session is automatically unlocked



Step 5 therefor is basically useless. It can be circumvented by anyone with Steps 6 through 8.



Are there any settings related to Session Locking that we are missing?

Is this intended behaviour?


Thank you in advance.

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I know this question is a while old, but we had the same issue using Wyse thin clients.   The fix is in the configuration of the thin client itself - it is able to trap the Win-L keystroke, and locks the terminal itself with a password screen - completely resolves the issue.


Hopefully HP has something similar, I'd be surprised if they didn't.

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