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Workspace App 2305 error "X Request 130.3 - BadShmSeg"

Thomas Brand1709161344


Upgraded (clean/full install) my customized Ubuntu system from Ubuntu-18.04LTS to Ubuntu 22.04LTS.

Ubunutu OS upgrade required upgrade of  Workspace App for Linux

Build is based on Ubuntu v22.04LTS server + XFCE4.

This build is customized in order to create a smaller run-time environment and to run in a 'kiosk-like' configuration

Users do not have access to desktop menus/icons/filesystem.
Applications are launched via keyboard shortcuts -- Alt-F1, Alt-F2, ... etc.


Citrix Client configuration uses "TWIMode=Off" in both global and user local All_Regions.ini file; required for some applictions.


Logging into Citrix via Chrome browser session

- Session 1 is runs in the logged in users browser connection, userid=appuser

- Session 2 runs as a separate local user (need to have two different user profiles), userid=rxuser


When launching an ica client app from session 1, no issues.

User logs into the Citrix backend using their personal credentials,

User sees the list of available application icons,  clicks on an app icon (MS Word), application starts up.


When launching an ica client app from session 2, we get the BadShmSeg error.

User logs into the same Citrix backend using the same credentials as in session1.
Users sees the list of available application icons, clicks on an app icon (MS Word), application attempts to start.

Connection  starting dialog appears, application window starts to appear and then stops painting and system displays error pop-up:
"The X Request 130.3 caused error: "128: BadShmSeg (invalid shared segment parameter)".


This happens with all applications.


I have not found anything online mentioning Citrix Workspace App and this error message. 

There  are references to other applications that have generated this message but no clear solution.

Tried setting QT_X11_NO_MITSHM to no avail.


Any suggestions/thoughts on where to go poking around next?








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With the help of Citrix Support a possible solution was found; still testing at this time.

It seems Ubuntu OS has changed some shared memory handling since Ubuntu 18.04.

This has impacted Citrix (and likely other applications)

A change to the wfclient.ini file fixed the issue for us.


  • - Global /opt/Citrix/ICAClient/config/wfclient.template 
  • -Users  :   ~/.ICAClient/wfclient.ini 

Add  "LocalDisplayNames=false”  to the file wfclient.ini file BEFORE the  [Thinwire3.0] tag:



DesiredHRES = 640


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