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Mixing DaaS editons (Advance & Premium) & Add on for Adaptive Authentication

Dawid Bbn


Hi all

Two questions reg. DaaS Service licenses.


My understanding is that w cannot have DaaS Advanced & Premium editions on the same DaaS site.
My question is: how does having multiple sites available in Citrix Web Studio look like? Does it mean I need to have separate Org IDs and URLs for them, e.g. https://citrix.cloud.com/go/company1https://citrix.cloud.com/go/company2? Or, both sites would be available under a single/existing URLs?
I am asking as I currently don't see the option to switch between different sites in Citrix Web Studio.

2. We currently have DaaS Advanced Plus edition only while just for one physical location we would like to take advantage of Adaptive Authentication / Secure Private Access.
As we cannot just purchase the DaaS Premium edition license for that Citrix site, I suppose one of the options is to go for the Adaptive Authentication Add-On.
Question: does the Adaptive Authentication Add-On license work as the lesser user/device, concurrent or user only?
I am asking as at the physical location where we need Adaptive Authentication for, there are only a few thin clients but many (shift) workers. So obviously we only would like to license the clients only.


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