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We are a small org. We have a total of 5 users that access Xenapp. Some users access from LAN and others access via the WAN. We have two storefronts setup. One for WAN users and the other for LAN users. I can modify the default.ica file and add in the external IP address for the WAN users but the same .ica file is downloaded when LAN users try and access an application. So I need on .ica file for LAN users with an internal IP and another one for the WAN users that has the external IP. Does that make since?

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We are using NAT. We currently have Xenapp 6.5 on a single server with two sites. A WAN site and and LAN site. When the .ica file is downloaded from the WAN site it has the external IP address. When the .ica file is downloaded from the LAN site it has the internal IP address. I am working on a new server with Xenapp 7 2023. We do not have a license for the Gateway and because we are such a small org I was trying to configure the new server the same way. I can configure the default.ica file but it affects both sites. Our current Xenapp server is performing this function. I just cant figure out how. 

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