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reverse proxy how to redirect from an internal domain to a SAAS services

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Hi Guys,


Well my company is using an external portal for some training. The website isn't hosted into my company, it's a SAAS Services.




But they want to access using an internal FQDN to make it more friendly like:




How could I use my netscaler to reverse proxy from a domain to another domain and keeping /portal/Login


I cannot use DNS CNAME because of /portal/Login


Looking forward for a solution


Best regards

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I don't fully understand your problem.


You have an internal hostname https://training.mycompany.com. If you surf to this, you want to come to https://training-exemple.com/portal/Login, correct?


You will have to set up a lb vServer on your NetScaler. If somebody surfs to it and does not have any cookies about the logon, he/she will get directed to /portal/Login. That's a simple responder policy.  The expression for this policy would be HTTP.REQ.COOKIE.CONTAINS("logon") (given, the logon cookie's name is logon).


Are you concerned about the Host header? Just simply delete an HTTP header and insert another one.

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