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Help in a disaster recovery situation


I have a xenserver running version 7.5 inside a synology NAS.  I was able to restore the pool dump and xenserver can see all of the storage repositories.  Unfortunately, I have a Windows Server 2008 R2 VM that starts but I am unable to communicate with any machine on my network other than the xenserver.


The xenserver (running second level) is able to communicate with all other computers/servers in my nextwork but somehow the windows 2008 VM cannot.  I check the network settings and all looks file but it simply does not work.


If you require additional information and I can provide it on this ticket.


You help is much appreciated.

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20 minutes ago, Mario Jauvin1709152480 said:

I have a xenserver running version 7.5 ...(snip)

In the second level xenserver, I just installed a new VM running windows 7 (just what I had) and I noticed that it does have access to all of the computers on my real network.  So it appears that it is something with the network configuration in my Server 2008 R2 VM.

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I purchase a small real PC to attempt to use as the recovery machine.  However, this machine has only 1 network interface but when I type xe pool-restore-database file-name=tt.xml --force it complains that the server is missing eth1.  I tried to muck the config file to change all eth1 to eth0 and the pool-restore-database command completes but 30 seconds later when the server reboots the configuration has not changed.


Is it possible to fake an eth1 interface or use the wireless interface as the eth1 interface?

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On 6/5/2023 at 11:19 PM, Mario Jauvin1709152480 said:

Or vm-reset-powerstate

I did a vm-reset-powerstate.  After I start xenserver host and as soon as  I start any VM I loose connectivity to xenserver host or any vm.  I did an emergency network reset but the problem is still there.  Should I restore my pool database?  What should I do?

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