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Upgrade Studio/Director from 1912CU2 to 2203LTSR

Christian Hock


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Hi Chris, can you post the exact error you see and where is it shown. When opening Studio or Director ? or when Launching Citrix Desktops or  Applications ? The article is not clear I will work on getting it updated. In the scenario in the article the customer updated the Controllers, Studio and Director to 2203 but the VDA were on a legacy version. They were experiencing intermittent launch issues of citrix sessions. Once they upgraded the VDA's to the 2203 same level their intermittent launch issues went away. 


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unfortunately we no longer have the eventid because we restored a backup of the 1912 after the error. The vdas are already running on 2203LTSR. The problem occurs when launching desktop or applications.
In the event log, however, there was no error to be seen, only information about the session being closed. But there was never a session.

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Eexactly that is correct. The VDAs have not changed and have been running with 2203 for some time, the workspace app has not changed.
I remembered that if we blocked all but one server, the registration worked without any problems. We were able to reproduce this with all servers.
The following error was displayed in the Director when the connection did not start. "client error other".


We found another similar article here. Is the problem with 2203cu2 back.


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I wouldn't suspect CTX338807 or similar as that was a VDA side bug and code fixes were integrated into base 2203 VDA builds.  It wouldn't make sense for it to only happen after the upgrade of the controller components either. 

Since you mention the VDA Servers were not staying registered correctly I can only suspect the upgrade of the Controller and DB left the registration or list of active sessions out of sync. 

Making sure you follow the steps for controller and DB upgrade steps carefully.  Perhaps even doing all controllers and DB steps during a planned upgrade window would be ideal. 



The other theory would be some policy in 2203 now has a different default value compared to 1912. e.g. Graphics using EDT, FastReconnect, Profile related policies.  These are things I can think that would be pushed from DDC onto the VDA's that could cause it after a DDC upgrade. 

It's very hard pinpoint what might have caused it...
I checked some recently reported cases around 2203 upgrades and am not seeing any similar behavior reported. Most are VDA side upgrade behavior related issues. 

Other than the above I think we'd need a support case logged for an engineer to diagnose this further. 

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