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PVS Export Devices Wizard Returns 'No Devices Found to Export...'

Darryl Sakach


We recently conducted a Disaster Recovery test. Provisioning Serveices servers, SQL Database and Target Devices were recovered to a completely seperate VMWare Hosting Connection. The Tearget Devices are renamed in the PVS Device Collections so they have a different Computer Name and AD Computer Record when they start up.


We then run the Export Devices Wizard from the PVS Console. 
-Select Citrix Cloud and successfully authenticate to the Cloud
-Select Virtual Devices
-Select the appropriate Citrix Virtual Desktops Host Resources 
-Authenticate successfully to that vCenter
-Select the Domain and Device Collection that contains the recovered Target Devices


This is where the problem occurs, the wizard at this point returns 'No Devices Found to Export...'.

Why? The Target Device(s) in the Device Collection being exported do NOT exist in CVAD.

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Support was able to point me in the right direction. Although I had just created the AD record for the recovered target device PVS did not accept that. I had to remove the AD Computer Account for the target device and then created it from the PVS Console > Active Directory > Create Machine Account...  I assume PVS adds information to its database through this process that must be populated for the Export Devices Wizard to work. This is covered at 



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Thank you for the guidance.


I located the AOT logs and was able to find the detailed error being returned:


1 devices removed as they did not belong to domain domain: computername    [XdExportCollectionController.cs(243): FilterDevicesBasedOnActiveDirectoryDomainSelection]'


However, the AD computer record was newly created in the domain.

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