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Mouse click behaving like CAPS lock turned on

Riyaz Puthiyapurayil


I just updated my workspace app on MacOS to 2304 and I have an issue whenever I left-click on my mouse. It behaves as if I turned on CAPS lock on my keyboard! If I use Shift+Left Click, I don't have this issue. This started happening after the update. How do I disable this behavior?


The workspace receiver is on MacOS Ventura 13.2.1. The desktop I am logged into via Citrix Viewer is CentOS.


The issue does not happen on Windows.


Essentially: Left Click on Mouse works like CAPS LOCK ON and Shift+Left Click works like CAPS LOCK OFF. This happens only on Mac OS and Linux virtual desktop environment. It doesn't happen in Windows. I couldn't find any setting where I can change this behavior.''


** Update **


xmodmap -e 'keycode 66 = Pointer_Button1' temporarily works around the problem. But I shouldn't have to do this. I am not sure why the mouse button 1 press/release is causing CAPS Lock key press/release.

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We gave a try, unfortunately, the issue is not reproducible. We are using below environment to test:

- Client: Macbook Pro with MacOS 13.3.1

- CWA Mac: V2304

- VDA: CentOS 7.3 with VDA v2212 (latest master build)

- Language: En, De, Fr

- Mouse: Logitech Mouse M330


For further investigation, would you please help to provide below information:

1. What mouse is being used?

2. Keyboard setting in CWA Mac

3. A video to reproduce the issue

4. Which keyboard layout is selected?

5. Log files: please go to Citrix Workspace app Settings -> Advanced -> Session logging (Full) -> Email Log files. (Please email to sujie.li@cloud.com)

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I found the problem. I had two keyboards connected to the computer. One is an Apple Magic Keyboard and the other is a Keychron K2. CAPS LOCK on the Magic Keyboard (which I was not using) was accidentally left ON. This was somehow messing up how Citrix was interpreting my mouse clicks. Button 1 press/release was getting interpreted as CAPS Lock ON and Shift+Button1 as CAPS Lock OFF. Turning off CAPS Lock on the Apple Keyboard fixed the issue. However, this issue was happening with only Citrix Workspace. Other apps on my computer, interpreted keystrokes from a keyboard in accordance with the CAPS LOCK state of the same keyboard (not the CAPS LOCK state on a different keyboard); mouse clicks did not affect how the keys are interpreted. Not sure if this is a bug or a feature in Citrix.

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