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Log Destination


Is it possible to specify more then one server/IP on Log destination on Xencenter 8.2.6 ? e.g.:,

The procedure below explains how to set up one, but would it work if we set up two?

"Select the server in the Resources pane, select the General tab, and click Properties.

Select the Log Destination tab in the Properties dialog box.

Select Also store the system logs on a remote server.

In the Server field, enter an IP address or the host name of a server running the syslogd daemon.

Click OK to save your changes and close the dialog box."

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If its using the standard syslogd, I do not see why that should not work with more than one. I've seen for various products showing anywhere from 3 to 5 servers. I have personally never tried to log to as many as three servers.

If nothing else, this should be configurable in the syslogd configuration file /etc/syslog.conf I believe is it. You may have to restart/HUP the daemon for it to re-read the configuration file if you edit it by hand.

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