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Keyboard sometimes not working properly, e.g. press A, output b,c,d....but not A



Hello All,


I faced a really strange issue here in my computer, i believe it related to Citrix but it's my remote working tool so i cannot uninstall it. Thus ask if anyone have workground can be shared.


So the issue is, sometime, not always, with no sympotem, my keyboard doesn't work properly, it works, but not right, let me give an example:


press botton "a" single time, it may output "b" or "c" or "d" or ";" or "[" or anything, but it doesn't output “a". but if i continously press button "a", it will continously output "bbbbb" or "ccccc" or ";;;;;" or "[[[[["........, but still, not "aaaaa". (I tried upload a video sample)


reason why i believe it's not a hardware issue, i have replaced different computer, keyboard and the issue still exist(both computer are desktop(DIY and Lenovo), the common point for them, is both are installed Citrix....


And why I think it's not other software issue is because i tried disbale all service but only left Citrix, it still happend.


And, seems issue not happened when i use citrix(keep cirtix front and alive), but it happened when I minimize citrix and use other softwares, like Chrome... and issue happened even i have no citrix open.




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