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Bluescreen after merge - CVhdMp.sys




after I merged the image, I get a bluescreen with the error message CVhdMp.sys when booting with a production machine.

On my test machine the image still runs without problems.
This somehow does not make sense to me.
I have already read all forum entries concerning the error
CVhdMp.sys error.

The new maintenance disk also starts normally, so I would rule out any driver errors.
Please help me to fix and understand the problem.


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We ran into something similar when the maintenance machine had different hardware layout than the provisioned machines.  Can you check your hypervisor settings and see if there is any difference between the machines? 


What I usually do is clone the maintenance machine to a template, then destroy the current machine catalogs and create new machines from that new template to guarantee the hardware matches.

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Unfortunately, that doesn't help either or I have a thinking error.

The original test VM was created on XEN7-04. Then I created a template and pushed it to the upper XEN. As a test machine runs this.
I took the same template for the machine cxvadsrv22-02. 
And I get the error message again....




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